ViefhausAnalytik Instruments

  • Raman microscopy-spectrometer, XploRA, Horiba Instruments,
    50 - 6000 cm-1, 
532, 638 nm laser

  • Ramanspectrometer for bulk samples (liquids,  solids and surfaces), 200 - 4500 cm-1, 532 nm laser with self constructed tools (sample holder, probe head holder for 3D geometric samples)

  • Infra-Red Spectrometer, Perkin Elmer One, 4 - 4000 cm-1

  • Powder-X-ray diffractometer (XRD), Bruker D8 Advance

  •  X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, Panalytical PW2400 with samplechanger PW2510

  • electron microprobe, Cameca SX100

  • NMR Spectrometer, Bruker BioSpin 500, 250 MHz (analytical technologies via co-operation partner)

Method Background

Analytical investigations of industrial products and samples are a central and essential part of quality management, for example FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), optimization and diagnostics.

Raman and Infra-Red spectroscopy combine essential advantages:


  • The samples do not get chemically and physically changed
  • Only a few milligrams or some drops of a substance are necessary for analysis
  • Particles down to size of 1-2 micrometers can be analyzed
  • Short measurement time (2 - 5 seconds for a single shot)


Technical aspects:

  • Lasers with different wavelengths (532 and 638 nm) and variable laser power
  • chemical imaging and automated XYZ mapping.
  • Infrared spectra in diffuse reflectance and transmission mode (KBr pellets and cuvettes).
  • Building measurement cells to research on chemical and physical reactions and changes of the sample.


Therefore we can provide a comprehensive spectroscopic view on the sample influencing factors.