A.    Controlling of Eloxal following coloring processes 

B.    Carbon fiber laminates – composite materials

A.    Anodic treatment / Eloxal processes 

  1. Analysis of composition and components of eloxal layers
    The different levels of the eloxal-process are made visible
  2. Shows the type of dye 
    Advantage: Clearing of quality problems between Eloxal process and following processing levels (i.e. imperfect coating or imperfect electrolysis)

B.   Carbon fiber laminates / composite materials

  • Shows the components of resin – identification of resin
  • Shows changes through heating or chemical agents
  • Shows composites/mixtures and impurities

Analysis of composite material with Raman-micro spectroscopy:

  • Point by point (particle size down to 3-5 μm)
  • As surface section via 2D Mapping: distribution on surface,
  • 3D Depth profil of optical transparent multilayer coatings 
(layer thickness up to 2-3 μm)
  • Development of custom-made material and material combinations
  • Saving of time and costs
  • Reference data base for every material