A.     Energy:

  • Battery and fuel cell systems
    Measurement of chemical components and decomposing procresses

  • Firing technologies – energy efficiency of coal and oil power plants  - measurements on fly ashes and corrosion products of firing systems (Oxy Fuel process). Read here
  • Mineralic components of coal

  • Chemical Looping Combustion, research on mineralic oxygen carriers


B.     Geology:

  • Minerals, ore deposits and geological research (Germany, Romania, Italy, Brazil, USA)

    For example:
    "Zechstein Kupferschiefer at Spremberg and related sites : hot hydrothermal origin of the polymetallic Cu-Ag-Au deposit", "Graphite - graphene deposits and synthesises", PhD Thesis (2019), Volker Spieth. Read here

  • Radioactive minerals
    We analyze the minerals of your samples as powder or thin/thick section (polished or unpolished).

  • S21 tunnel drillings for determing gypsum/anhydrite ratio

C.     Corrosion:

  • Corrosion processes of technical and electronical device (FMEA)

  • Archeological and restauration projects